My name is Besir and i am a Copenhagen-based graphics designer, with a strong base in graphics Design. I'm a designer who defy gravity of the status quo. One who take risks, one who push boundaries. A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.

How i work

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It all starts with a discovery session where I’ll will chat about your vision, requirements and expectations for your digital presence. 



Translating your creative ideas into workable concepts, crafting the user experience, building strong, lasting solutions. Without research, results falter. Without play, results are stale. Work should be strategic through research and creative through exploration. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.



I’ll test and develop, optimise the experience and launch. I then analyse, act on results and offer ongoing support. I am passionate about design in all areas digitally and i know that good enough simply isn’t.

How about some fun facts about me?

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Every designers dirty little secret is that they copy other designers work. They see work they like, and they imitate it. Rather cheekily, they call this inspiration.

— Aaron Russell —

Besir Redzepi

 AD & Graphics Designer
Besir Redzepi

☞Graphics Designer // The Creator☜

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Besir Redzepi

Few clients I’ve worked with so far

Canal Digital CBBDoxbioEuroadsG4S Spis.dkSunny Rentals TDC Telia  VerisureAroma BlomsterGul StrømFiat Panda CiaoFitness WorldNyhavn RejserSalvis.dkSimpleSite.comChinChinPlentiSwappa.dkMempolering.dk



I make working with your brand identity easy. No longer do you need to hassle your design team or know complicated graphic programs to resize your logos, find your brand colors or look up your fonts. Designing is my area of expertise. More specifically, I enjoy designing websites, graphics for print media, and front end mobile application interfaces. I am a self proclaimed minimalist, and to prove that I keep my designs and color palettes simple. When a design is loaded with many complicated designs/images and colors, I feel the message of a project is lost. Often complicated designs and numerous images are misinterpreted as a definition of a good website, or simply put, people are often mistaken of the more the better.


 Visual elements are a big part of web and digital media. We can create the perfect graphic for your needs. Organizing design elements in a cohesive and functional way is important to effectively communicate your message. I can help.

What i offer
  • Infographic design
  • Design & Content analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Social media & Mobil design


 Icons help to visually communicate terms and to prompt user interaction. We create icons that integrate into existing designs and concepts. I specialize in print designs of all types, for all situations and occasions. We print designs for business, retail and personal use.

What i offer
  • Prototyping & wire framing
  • User experience design and development
  • Usability testing & analysis
  • Information architecture


 Visual elements are a big part of web and digital media. We can create the perfect graphic for your needs. Organizing design elements in a cohesive and functional way is important to effectively communicate your message. I can help.

What i offer
  • Identity and branding
  • Logo creative
  • Corporate profile design
  • Flyer and poster design

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  • “This is a recommendation of Besir Redzepi – both as a person and as a dedicated intern in Content department of Hi3G Denmark. The Content we work with everything that distinguishes 3 from all other carriers, the mobile content. Our workday is about marketing and developing hero-products such as music, gaming, news, movies and entertainment. We swear to the mobile platform’s potential and always strive to be the most innovative in the market when it comes to the market in mobile content. Our target audience is the young segment, which is always with the sheet music and contemporary trends. I have served as Besir leader through his training period in our department from February to April 2010th Besir over this period been a motivated resource that has constantly worked to improve its own responsibilities while maintaining a focus on the department’s overall goals. 3 is a workplace where there is far from thought to action, where the dynamics and fast reflexes are the basic properties. Besir have both proven conversion paired and single points to capture situations as they arise. Besir while showing profits to spread smiles and good humor about itself, which has been appreciated by his colleagues and superiors. I hereby give my warmest Besir recommendation, and I shall of course be welcome to contact me for questions regarding Besir

    Kåre Carlsen, Content Manager, Hi3G Denmark (3Mobil)
  • At DOXBIO we have had the pleasure of working with Besir Redzepi.
    During that time, he has shown amazing abilities graphic work and the organization of marketing through social media. He has been very dedicated and been good at delivering. At the same time we have used Besir to facilitate sponsorship and research work, which he has done with great results. I can only highly recommend Besir Redzepi on his future professional the process from my brief but rewarding acquainted with him.

    Marlene Schiött Rasmussen, Co-founder + Co-CEO at DOXBIO
  • It was a pleasure to work with Besir. When he got the job, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and how. Professional, fast and an incredibly talented designer. It will not be the last time we use Besir task as these with us and we would definitely recommend him to other friends or acquaintances in the same industry.

    Dashmir Arjuli, Owner of the famous restaurant Costa Smeralda
  • Jeg har arbejdet sammen med Besir Redzepi i perioden december 2012 til maj 2015, hvor han i stillingen som grafiker, har vist sig at være en stor gevinst for vores virksomhed EuroAds. I EuroAds arbejder vi med online marketing, hvor Besir har siddet med håndtering af grafik til vores online produkter, herunder konkurrencer. Besir har vist at have en god grafisk forståelse mellem tekst og billede, så vi som virksomhed fremstår professionel og troværdig. Han arbejder hurtigt og forstår vigtigheden i at tilgodese alles behov, når der er travlt.
    Som kollega er Besir rolig af sind og er yderst hjælpsom og opmærksom. Derudover har han altid et godt humør, er sjov og kan bringe et smil frem hos alle. Besir er loyal og giver alt, hvad han har for, at folk omkring ham har det godt. Dette er en unik kvalitet, som man ikke må underkende, men anerkende som en særlig evne.

    Louise Berg, Product Manager, EuroAds/Gravity4
  • Vi har haft Besir Redzepi projektansat i et forløb i Februar/Marts, 2016. Vi havde brug for ekstra eksterne ressourcer til produktion og skabelse af marketingmateriale til online annoncering (bannere, emails, Facebook, mm.). Vi har oplevet Besir som både virkelig dygtig og arbejdsom. Både mht. ideskabelse og innovation af nye vinkler og salgsbudskaber samt i selve eksekveringen af produktionen. Vi kan varmt anbefale ham!

    Sebastian Vikkelsøe-Engelbrecht, CSO and Co-Founder, SimpleSite.com


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Nørre Voldgade 40, Copenhagen, DK


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